About Mansion Entertainment

Some of our services include:

  • Hosting exclusively opulent worldwide mansion parties
  • Providing a variety of entertainment options, such as live music and dancers, to delight our guests as well as yours
  • Offering extensive assistance with the production of music videos and other forms of recorded media
  • Help plan any party or event to perfection with our thorough consultancy services

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Victor E. Ewuchie is a serial entrepreneur with over 12 years experience in the entertainment industry as well as other sectors of business. He strives to provide a consistently excellent service that meets the need of the most illustrious clientele, and go a long way in creating an extraordinary high quality experience for for his clients. Inspired by authors and businessmen such as Jamie Reidy,Chester L. Karrass and Shawn Corey Carter(Jay-Z), Victor strives to always give his best in all of his engagements, and to have a positive impact on those in his daily sphere of influence.